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Typhoon Muifa brings mud avalanches and storms to Dandong

DANDONG-Part of Dandong will be hit with mountain torrents, mud avalanches and storms from August 8 to 9 according to Dandong Metreological Bureau. Other areas are expected to experience strong winds and rainfall.

According to The Central Meteorological Observatory, Typhoon Muifa will move north-west at 25km per hour. It is expected to get closer to the east coast of Shandong Peninsula and land on the Liaodong Peninsula on the night of the 8th.

Li Huilin, the vice director of the city’s meteorological bureau, said that based on data, Muifa is expected to affect Dandong for 48 hours, the greatest impacts will be felt from midday of the 8th until the midday of the 9th . Most of Liaodong Peninsula will be affected by the big land and sea breeze and strong rainfall.

The National Marine Environment Forecast Center predicts that Muifa will bring 30 to 60 centimeter storm tides and three to four meter waves along the east coast. Waves may even reach 6 meters in some areas.

There have been 18 typhoons in the history of Liaoning, among which two had impacts similar to Muifa. One landed in Dalian in 1985 bringing strong tropical storms and the other one landed in Yingkou in 1997 with tropical storms. Muifa, the second typhoon to land in Liaoning this year, has a registered force greater than that of Cyclone Meari. Muifa has also taken a more northerly route compared to Meari.



Design contest for civil engineering students

India Blooms News Service

Kolkata, Aug 8 (IBNS): Rapid technological advancements, space constraints and need for multiple functionality have made the designing of steel-based structures like bridges, buildings, fabrications, industrial structures, housing complex etc., a challenging task. Engineers and designers have to design the best structures by combining technology, quality, aesthetics, functionality, ergonomics and ecology.